Sometimes my life is an absolute whirlwind. I look up and it’s 10:00 pm.
I haven’t even had dinner yet.

Yesterday, was just one of those days.
And I knew it was going to be.

Here’s what my day looked like:

9:00-ENT appointment for my 6 year old. It is confirmed. He needs a tonsilectomy. The appointment took two and half hours. Of course, I had the baby with me. Try entertaining a one year old and 6 year old in a busy doctor’s office while you are on your phone, trying to work…
(Trying to work, so you can bank your time off for when he has the surgery)

After the appointment, I had to take my son to school and my daughter to daycare.  On the way, I had to deposit money into my father’s account so that we could pay the aides who care for him.

At 12:30, I managed to make it to my first stop of the day, which happened to be assessing a mental health patient for one of my centers.  That was an interesting visit.

I left that appointment and had to race across town to get to my mother’s orthopedic appointment.  The nursing home was transporting her, but I needed to be there to hear what her prognosis is.

After that appointment was over at 3:30, I had to race across town back to my house, as the bus drops my 6 year old off promptly at 4:15.

In the midst of this, I am handling work calls.  I am also scheduling my dad’s hematology appointments and vascular study.

But the day was far from over…

I then had to take my 6 year old to his father’s house, as I had an early meeting to go to and I needed him to take him to school. But before then, I had to pick up my daughter from daycare.

And I realized I was out of milk.

Seriously?  A trip to the grocery store? 

i finally pulled into my driveway at 7:45, frazzled and spent.  Then I still had to feed and bathe the baby and put her to bed.

At about 9:00, I realized that I had not eaten since lunchtime.  But before I could sit down with a bowl of cereal, my phone rang.

It was Mom.  She was confused and in a state of panic, worried that she would be in a nursing home forever.

Which she will.  But I know there is a better way of saying it, than on the phone when I am emotionally spent.  I told her we would talk more later this week.

Just as I was getting off of the phone with her, my other line rang, it was Dad.  He was wondering who was taking him to his appointment in the morning.

So by the time I had that secured, it was 10:30.  And I forgot about the cereal.  Forgot about myself.

And I just crashed.

Just as i fell asleep, the baby woke up coughing.

No rest for the weary…

But looking at all of that chaos, that is my life….

I wouldn’t have it any other way.  These are the people I love.  I cherish.

And sometimes the burden gets heavy, I accept it and know that what I am doing is the right thing.

The right thing for all of us…myself included.

So on we go
His welfare is of my concern
No burden is he to bear
We’ll get there

For I know
He would not encumber me
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother