I started my new job on September 19th.  So far, I have visited 14 different locations, toured each building, completed an analysis of their business plan, written a report of the plan, developed a training workshop and created an entirely new brand for the company.

In the last 10 days, I’ve visited 4 states and taken a scenic trip through the capital city of 3 of these.  I have spent time in the mountains of north Georgia, foothills of North Carolina, midlands of South Carolina and the mountains of Alabama.  Today, I arrived in a charming town on the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

I miss my kids and I miss being at home…but it’s been nice to have some time to myself while traveling. To have time to exist in the moment and take in the new sights around me.  When things settle down, I think I will really like this job.

So my musical musing for tonight is from one of my favorite artists of all time, Mr. Johnny Cash. I am not a fan of country music, but in my opinion, Johnny transcends labels. His music is authentic and real. I have loved him since I was a young child. I remember the Johnny Cash and Friends show on CBS. It was short-lived, but I never missed an episode.  In fact, I loved Johnny so much, that I used to tell people that he was my “real father.”  There was no mistake who my “real father” was…I looked and sounded just like my dad. But I identified with the Man in Black at an early age.  And I still do.

And tonight, as I look out my window at the reflection of lights across the Mobile Bay…I especially identify with this song.